Saturn Electronics Corporation to Present at PCB West

September 10, 2008

Saturn Electronics Corp. to Present at PCB West

PCB Fabricator to Take Industry-Leading Lead Free Knowledge on the Road

Romulus, MI – June 18, 2008 – SATURN ELECTRONICS CORP. will be presenting their Lead Free Cost Reduction seminar at the PCB West 2008 in Santa Clara, CA this September.

About the Seminar

The purpose of the presentation is to educate the electronic products community (purchasing, engineering, and operations) on the latest product information. Not only will the PCB Fabricator demonstrate–via lab and practical testing–how to reduce cost, but also (and more importantly), how to ensure higher levels of quality and reliability pertaining to Lead Free bare printed circuit boards.

These necessary implementations are two-fold and Saturn has worked in conjunction with their respective suppliers at each-and-every isolated step of the controlled process to include the industry criteria they helped set pertaining to SN100CL.

About the Speaker

Yash Sutariya received his BBA from the University of Michigan School of Business Administration. After graduation he worked in Valuation and Bankruptcy/Turnaround Consulting.

He is currently a member of Saturn Electronics Corporation’s senior management team. Since joining this team, Saturn has successfully navigated from a low-mix, high volume, automotive supplier to a high-mix, medium-to-high volume diversified supplier and Industry Leader in R&D working diligently to provide solutions like the SN100CL he and Parag Bhatt worked with Florida CirTech on. As a result of the company’s transformation, manufacturing capabilities now range from quick-turn prototypes to scheduled volume production while attending a broad cross-section of industries to include: industrial controls, telecommunications, aerospace, and power supply industries.

For more information on the PCB West 2008, please click on the link:


SN100CL Minimum Thickness Guidelines

September 10, 2008

SN100CL Minimum Thickness Guidelines

Currently, there are no set requirements for minimum lead free solder finish requirements. Many companies who have run this solder coating process in the tin-lead version know that thickness varies dramatically based on pad size. Furthermore, minimum coating thickness is more critical to the solderability of SN100CL more than it is to standard tin-lead finish. Combining these two facts, it is all the more important to create a new standard by pad area.

After studying literally thousands of panels and the subsequent solderability results, Saturn Electronics Corporation has established a coupon and general guidelines for this finish (SN100CL). Having this coupon on the actual board / array removes the variation in acceptability measurements between the supplier and the customer by standardizing not only the location of the measurement, but also the thickness by applicable pad geometry.

Also, customers can request a gerber format of this coupon to insert into the waste area of ther boards. Additionally, Saturn will send the suggested minimum thickness requirements resulting from the SN100CL study.

Visit the SN100CL Minimum Thickness Guidelines page at:

If you have any further inquiries, contact Saturn Electronics Corp. to speak with an engineer regarding any further technical matters.

Check out our Lead Free Cost Reduction webinar at Scribd or at our RoHS Lead Free Resource center on the Saturn Electronics Corp., bare board manufacturer website where the archived version of the Pb-Free podcast is available with audio.



New Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine

November 4, 2008

New Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine

Saturn Electronics Corporation, bare board manufacturer, recently installed the Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine into their Romulus, Mi facility.


Six-Spindle PCB-drilling high precision machine

Ø  Linear x, y, & Z axis motors 2400 inches per minute table speed

Ø  220k RPM Spindle Speed

Ø  Drilling of structures with resolutions and density down to +/- 1 mil e.g. for BGA, Flip-Chip Technology and all state of the art materials and structures

Ø  Holes diameter range starting from 4 mils 

Ø  Depth structuring for highly accurate blind via drilling down to +/- 0.5 mil by unique Contact-Drilling feature (CBD)

Ø  Options for PCB contour routing or drilling/routing

Free 24-layer PCB Keychain

Saturn Electronics Corporation to attend AmCon Grand Rapids

September 10, 2008

Saturn Electronics Corporation to attend AmCon Grand Rapids


Visit Saturn during the AmCon Grand Rapids Show at booth 239


Click here to read more

Romulus, MI–Saturn Electronics Corporation will be present at the AmCon Grand Rapids show in Michigan September 17-18. Check out their booth for more information about high volume, lead free (SN100CL) and prototype printed circuit board manufacturing.

SN100CL Minimum Thickness Guidelines:

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September 10, 2008

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